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bullet Text goes here. This is where I describe what the company is about and what kinds of businesses I cater to now. Talk about some of the services provided.

bullet Talk about more services here. All kinds of services that I can have going. This isn't actual text, but I need to put some text here in order to see how this will look in the final version. This way I'll have an idea of how this thing will go.

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bullet So you want a domain name? Well click here for how to get one.

bullet Web design is what we do. Don't believe me? Well look at this site. We do all kinds of web design. So much web stuff you'd think we were spidermen or sumthin!! Click here.


Common Computer Terms Defined

What is ...
a byte?
a Kb?
a MB?
a Web Page?
Web Hosting?

more confusing computer terms


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